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Why choose MG Cycling? 

£50 start up fee 

 Our mission from when we first started 9 years ago is to make every gain count. Whether that is through our coaching ethos of leaving no stone unturned and trying new and innovative ways of getting a positive outcome from our Athletes. Or using the latest Bioracer technology to reduce athletes frontal profile for aerodynamic gains.  

With our athletes most of them have family and working commitments so its important for us to work with the athlete and to be flexible with them to help them achieve consistency in their training. We work closely with them through various communication channels as well as offering other coaching services like 1 to 1 coaching to really work closely with them.  


Starting from £40 month for our sportive package. We wanted to introduce more affordable coaching too athletes so they can improve their performance and give them direction with their training, so they can hit their goals sooner and reap the rewards of all the hard work they put in day in day out. 

We feel we have something for every rider whether they ride road, track, CX, sportives or just want to get fitter on their bike.

" Russell has coached me over the last few years and I have always noticed improvements in my riding each season. He helped me to significantly improve my power across all distances and massively improved my knowledge of the sport from racing tactics and training to nutrition as well. I am very appreciative of Russell’s approach to training alongside my school studies working my training around the free time that I have and being effective with it. I knew I could always trust Russell to have me at peak fitness for upcoming races that I wanted to perform at and I recommend his services very highly! "


Ritchie Selfe. U23 cyclist

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