Russell Hampton 

 Russell Hampton

  • Full Time Performance Coach 

  • Level 2 BC Coach in Road, Track, Cyclo Cross, MTB, BMX & Disability in Cycling 

  • Raced for Great Britain and Won World Cup and National Titles 

  • Full Time coaching for 5years 

  • Specifies in Road and TT 


Russell has been coaching now for 5 years and has coached many disciplines, ages and fitness levels. He has always had an interest in his own training and always wanted to know why things work a certain way which has gained him invaluable knowledge in some of the highest echelons of the sport. He has worked with the likes of Rod Illingworth and Max Scandri and spent 5 years in the birthplace of the whole Marginal Gains philosophy 

Nigel Hampton

  • Full Time Bioracer Aero Fitter 

  • Level 2 BC Coach in Road & Track